Salubrious climate prevail over 3400 feet above sea level in Ella, having more visiting sites associated with great Indian epic Ramayana, Famous Rawan Falls, 5kms South of Ella

Little Adams peak -Little Adams peak lays on the eastern edge of the Ella Gap. Little Adams peak is full of Biodiversity located about 2km from Ella Town and 114m Height. One hour to walk through lush green Tea plantations, Waterfalls and Paddy Fields while enjoying the sceneries. It will take around 30-45 minutes to reach to the top of the Mountain on a zig-zag path. This it is an ideal place to watch sun-rise in the morning from LAP you can see Rawana Falls

Ella Nine arch Bridge -This is massive bridge was built by British in 1920, entirely of solid rocks, bricks and cement without using single piece of steel, which is just few meters away from the 40th tunnel from Colombo-Badulla railway between Ella and Demodara Railway stations.


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