Yala is one of the best and most popular in the country due to its diversity and density of Mammals, especially it has one of the highest leopard densities in the world, located in the southeastern region of Sri Lanka, 239km from Colombo and covering an area of 126,780ha.

Yala is renowned for the variety of its wildlife, largely characteristic of dry zone tropical throne forest and its fine Coastal line is associated with Coral Reef. 44 species of Mammals – Elephants, Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Leopard, Water Buffalo, Fishing Cat, Spotted dear, Loris etc can be seen in Yala.

There are 215 bird species in the park and six endemic to Sri Lanka. They are Grey Hornbill, Jungle Fowl (National bird of Sri Lanka), and Sri Lanka wood- pigeon, Crimson-fronted barbet, Black- capped Bulbul and Brown capped Babbler. The number water birds inhabiting the wetlands of Yala are 90 and half of them are migrants. The Elephant population of the park varies seasonally


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